Welcome to the PYRAMID BAND trivia page.  This page features bits and pieces of what many may say is useless information.  However, if you read closely, watch our links, and visit some of the other PYRAMID pages, you will definitely have an edge at answering our trivia questions located on the Trivia Contest Page !!



Although "Traditional" Big Bands utilize 18 musicians, the PYRAMID BAND has developed three different size groups.  Our groups include the PYRAMID SWING BAND which is an 11 member group, the 16-piece PYRAMID DANCE BAND, and the PYRAMID ORCHESTRA which is a 18 member ensemble.  The group was formed in 1993 and began rehearsing in the Village of Hamburg, located 15 minutes south of Buffalo, New York, USA.  The original library included 150 selections.  Today, selections number into the thousands including both instrumental and vocal arrangements.


                                            RELATED BIG BAND FACTS                                              


Interesting trivia coming soon on the following groups!

Brian Setzer

Big Bad Voodoo Daddy

Count Basie

Duke Ellington

Glenn Miller

Frank Sinatra



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