Willowbank Jazz Festival - Queenston, Ontario Canada

Willowbank, the Heritage Estate, was officially declared a National Historical Site of Canada in November, 2003.  Overlooking the village of Queenston and the Niagara River, Willowbank is part of a small number of classical revival-style mansions built in British North America.  The residence was constructed between 1834 and 1836 for Alexander Hamilton, son of a prominent and wealthy merchant, Robert Hamilton.  The property is also unique as it displays a "Picturesque" landscape.  Sitting high on an open lawn hillside, Willowbank is surrounded by a variety of trees, including willow trees, after which the estate was named.  The property is owned by the School of Restoration Arts, whose function is to teach all of the arts and skills related to restoration of built heritage.  The jazz festival is an annual fundraiser created to help financially support the restoration and educational programs at the Willowbank Heritage Estate, a National Historical Site.

PYRAMID ORCHESTRA photos from the 4th Annual Jazz Festival at Willowbank, September 11, 2005.








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