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February  2014   Volume 22    Number 2

Don't forget to click on the calendar for the latest PYRAMID BAND events.  We'll keep you posted with our new bookings for 2014.  In many cases there are direct web links and map links to those specific events.

  Happy Valentine's Day !!! Check out our recent performances for photos from the latest PYRAMID BAND shows. We will resume our trivia contest shortly ...answers and questions are posted on the Trivia Page.

Our rehearsals are in full session. We rehearse from 8:00 until 10:00 PM at the Knights of Columbus 261 South Legion in South Buffalo.

Click to view or download photos from the recent events .

Here are direct links to the following individual performances: Fiddler's Green (Springville Gazebo),

Miss Buffalo II Cruise, North Collins, Orchard Park Pavilion, and Strauss Ball. We'll see you later this year!!

If you missed downloading any wedding photos prior to August 2013 and would like copies, please contact our staff photographer.  Remember to visit our Trivia pages - including Wedding Customs & Traditions and Wedding Trivia. Test your knowledge at various trivia questions found on our Trivia Page.  Congratulations to all our February Newlyweds.

Click to view & download:  Wedding Photos   or     Special Events Photos

THANK YOU for all our web site hits.  There were 7767 hits to the site this month.



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