Pyramid Band Productions:

A special " THANK YOU "  to all contributing Photographers.   Our photographers include: Joseph Bernard, John Bernard, William Bohm, Dan Dalpra, Adam Desmond, Catherine Lawrence, Jim Pyrak, Mitch Quick, and Steve Wasiura.


-------- A Big Band Christmas ------------------------------------------------------------------------

Fredonia Opera House, Lancaster Opera House, and Riviera Theater


------- Club Paradise Shows -- McKinley's --- Blasdell, New York  --------------------------



------   Miss Buffalo II Cruise - Buffalo, New York  ----      Click here for more photos



-----------  Rehearsal Photos:  Club Paradise - McKinley's  and  Jacobi's Niteclub & Restaurant ----------




What is a  PYRAMID BAND Rehearsal all about?

The  PYRAMID BAND  rehearses from September until the end of June on Thursdays at 8:30 PM.  We'll take off during some of the various holidays (Spring Break - Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years) and the occasional SEVERE weather storm (which usually is a Lake Effect Snow Storm).  Rehearsal dates are subject to change, but we do keep a current schedule on the web site; and you can stay informed should there be any last minute changes via the Pyramid email list.  The rehearsals are always open to the public.  Interested customers can view the band.  It's a great night out to meet up with friends in a relaxed roomy atmosphere to see and hear the band.  PYRAMID BAND rehearsals provide an open environment for the regular and substitute members of the band to practice and improve some of the finer (and sometimes difficult musical passages) of the nearly 2000 musical selections in the library.  We rehearse a variety of songs and musical styles, both instrumental and vocal.  You won't see the band in a formal setting with the fancy music stands, full stage lighting, our formal "Tuxedo" attire or our "show style" performance.  Although there may be some starting and stopping of certain selections, generally you'll hear 10 to 20 full songs per rehearsal.  Sometimes you may even hear the same selection back to back with the improvements.  YOU WON' T WANT TO MISS A SINGLE REHEARSAL.  Our rehearsal locations have included: Club Paradise, Msgr Nash Knights of Columbus, The Maple Inn (aka Pyramid Lounge), St James Sports Bar, Studio 652, The Woodlawn Hotel, Root 5, and Jacobi's NiteClub & Restaurant.  Currently, Msgr Knights of Columbus provides a great location.  It's easy to get to; great acoustics; lots of parking; plenty of table space to sit back, listen and enjoy your favorite beverage and the PYRAMID BAND.


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