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Cakes have been a part of weddings all through history. The Romans actually shared a plain cake during the ceremony itself. Cutting the wedding cake together, still a predominant ritual at weddings, symbolizes the couple's unity, their shared future, and their life together as one. In old England it was tradition to bake a ring into the wedding cake as a symbol of bliss and happiness. The guest whose piece of cake contained the ring, it was said, could look forward to a full year of uninterrupted happiness. The three tiered cake is believed to have been inspired by the spire of Saint Bride's Church in London, England.


"Something old, Something new, Something borrowed, Something blue, And a silver sixpence in your shoe".

This well known little rhyme originated during Victorian times and is still commonly practiced for good luck. Traditionally, the "old" would have been the garter of a happily married woman, with the thought being that her good fortune would be passed down along with it. The "new" stood for the couple's new bright and happy future together. "Something borrowed" was usually a much valued item from the bride's family. It symbolized prosperity within the new union, but would bring that good fortune only if it was returned to the family. "Something blue" came from an ancient tradition in which the bride would wear a blue ribbon in her hair as a symbol for fidelity. Placing a silver sixpence in the bride's shoe was to ensure wealth in the couple's life. Today brides often slip a penny inside their shoe before the ceremony in place of the difficult to acquire silver sixpence. As such, the rhyme is often adapted to "....And a luck penny in your shoe".


Good luck....................Bad luck

In times was bad luck if a young man encountered a blind person, a pregnant woman, or a monk while on his way to propose. On the other hand, if he were to happen upon a pigeon, wolf or goat, he would expect extremely good fortune in the marriage.

It is believed to be bad luck for the bride to make her own wedding dress.

It is believed to be bad luck for the bride to wear her completed outfit before the wedding day. As an extension to this, some brides leave a final stitch on the dress undone until the day of the wedding for good luck.

"To change the name and not the letter, is to expect the worst and not the better!" This little riddle conveys the notion that it is thought to be unlucky to marry a man whose last name begins with the same first letter as your own.

To practice writing your new name prior to the wedding (and what bride doesn't do this?) is believed to tempt fate and thus, is also believed to result in bad luck during the marriage!

Seeing a lamb, frog, spider, black cat, or rainbows on the way to the ceremony is believed to be a sign of good luck!

Bad weather on the way to the wedding is believed to signify unhappiness in the marriage. Traditionally it is believed that cloudy skies and wind en route to the wedding will result in a stormy marriage. However, snow on the way to the wedding is a sign of fertility and prosperity!

Bridesmaids Curse: Thrice a bridesmaid, never a bride is an old charm that can be broken by being a bridesmaid seven times.



In 2000, the average bride was 24 years old and the average groom was 28.
Only 4% of men asked for the parents' approval for their bride's hand in marriage.
20% of men proposed on one knee.
6% of men proposed to their girlfriends over the phone.
60% of women are involved in picking out their engagement ring, while 3% actually pick it themselves.
8% of all Internet users are engaged to be married.
The average engagement lasts 13 months.
The average wedding costs $18,874 with 186 guests.
The average second wedding costs $12,000, but the couples spend nearly double first time couples on their honeymoons.
74% of all brides receive a diamond engagement ring.
The number of marriages in the U.S. has averaged 2.25-2.4 million every year for the past 20 years.
80% of brides plan formal weddings.
In almost half of U.S. weddings either the bride or groom has been married previously.
The most frequent number of bridesmaids is 4 (including the maid of honor).
62% of weddings have a flower girl, while 56% have a ring bearer.


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